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Mission, Vision & Purpose

Our Mission

Build a new generation digital platform according to the non-destructive data/information network. It will help farmers/producers, manufacturers/ Processer, sellers, consumers, and also policy-makers needs. Also, we offered to promote a network between experts and policymakers

Our Vision

MetaspeQ strives to develop transparent, rapid digital supply chains based on quality. Our AI-based spectroscopic technology captures a specific metabolite signature of any natural product. MetaspeQ Valuechain is a blockchain application offering an immutable record of transactions that verifies the origin of products

This would be a rapid, nondestructive, eco-friendly, in-situ technology to evaluate quality, and safety and ensure digital traceability throughout the value chain from farm to fork or farm to pharma. 

mtaspeQ can gather, organize and make accessible the most relevant agricultural, processing, transport, and consumer data with our IoT-based technology. To ensure food safety based on the preventive and controlled digital pathway to determine most food fraud, fake food industries, and adulterant food ecosystems.

Our Purpose

metaspeQ ValueChain™ 

Farmer Friendly Technology

Producers like farmers will be better incentivized in the appreciating value of digital growth. The consumers will also be incentivized and they can benefit from encouraging behavior change with a clear and immediate incentive that will make people adopt cultural changes needed to turn society and business towards a circular economy. 

Brand Identity

Most importantly the retail brands will have a unique digital brand identity connected to their quality, metabolite signatures, and sustainable strategies with complete transparency and traceability. This will also help them in better supply and value chain management; track consumer behavior across boundaries.

Trustworthy Sustainability

This makes the value of resources more apparent, facilitating a new system of pricing and trading natural resources, and incentivizing people with verified social, economic, and environmental sustainability claims. 

Business investor Advantage

Segmentation of potential customers to influence their purchase decision.Feasibility and profitability analysis of new products to be developed.Increased knowledge of customers and their preferences and also activities. Better marketing campaigns. Better strategies in social networks, e-commerce, etc. Detection and quantification of possible risks of customer loss. Data will help every industry stay relevant and thrive for future skill development. Rapid data collecting and rapid data analysis help to determine the rapid decision-making policy of a system.